Why video lead forms are the best conversion tool for your website

Ash Murphy
March 16, 2024
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It is one thing to get people to land on your website, another to get them to stay, and even more getting them to divulge their precious personal information over to you.

In a world that is encouraging more businesses to move more of their operations online, it is not unusual for customers to feel that lack of human connection that is so vital in forming a productive relationship. Beautiful images, engaging text and compelling messaging can all help, but it may just not have the magic sauce to compel your visitors into the most important step, taking action.

The demand for video has surged over the years and it is unlikely to slow down anytime soon. Here are some stats that back that up:

- People spend 88% more time on your website when there is a video incorporated

- 87% of marketers can attribute sales back to their video marketing efforts

- Simply adding a video to a landing page can increase conversion rates by up to 80%!

Video offers the ability to interact in a more engaging and interactive way. For viewers it just feels more natural as you can portray tone, emotion, gestures and words in a more authentic way. However, even with all the benefits a video can offer, it can still have its limitations. This is particularly the case when there is a further goal beyond just increasing brand awareness. Is there a compelling enough reason and an easy way for your viewers to complete the further steps you want them to?

This is where a video form on your website or landing page can really shine. Instead of hoping that the viewer will watch the video, move on to the next stage somewhere else on the page, fill out a form and await a response, you can instead take your viewers on a journey that is entirely influenced by their inputs or actions. They gain knowledge in the process, get some say in where they want to go, build rapport and trust, and all the while you are able to gather valuable information in the process.

Maybe you remember those 'choose your own adventure' books you used to read in your childhood? In case you need a refresher, when you got to the end of a chapter and you got given a choice of which page to turn to next. Those books may have peaked in popularity in the 1980's and 1990's, but the concept remains relevant in this modern format.

What functions does a video form serve?

  1. A way to collect key contact information
  2. A workflow that can be set up with a wide variety of different logic. This allows the options to be more responsive and tailored to the users inputs.
  3. Video forms are a great option in particular should you wish to qualify, nurture or guide people through a defined process
  4. They can act as your initial customer service line, meaning people can engage with your service any hour of the day and still feel like they are having a consultation with a human.

Ready to see what a video form looks like?

Check out our video forms page or explore the example below.