Our Roadmap

We are committed to doing things differently from the outset

The landscape for businesses online is in a constant state of change. The need for business owners to stay on top of the latest trends, demands and strategies can be demanding not only on your time, but also for the limited resources you may have available to you. Harbour Creative is setting out to bridge this gap so that whether you are a content creator or business owner, you can have a professional & reliable marketplace that can help introduce each party to one another, while ensuring that the whole process is seamless.

Read more about our exciting roadmap for 2024 as we launch this platform to the New Zealand business and content creator community.

April 2024

Final testing and development of a new kiwi-owned and operated content creator marketplace. The marketplace is to have intuitive and modern features that meet the evolving demands and requirements of business owners and creators alike.

May 2024

Soft launch to the content creator community. Gather feedback and ensure all key functionality is in place. Start introducing the first new business owners to the site.  

June 2024

With feedback considered we are excited to set in place a major recruitment drive to add as many content creators and business owners alike. Our goal is to have at least 100 in the content creator community by the end of June.

July 2024

We will be consolidating all our efforts towards ensuring all systems are working in the most productive way for all parties. Acting upon feedback to ensure continual improvement to the site.

August 2024

Further major recruitment drive to double our number of New Zealand content creators and business owners seeking their services.

September 2024

We have set the ambitious goal to have 500 content creators added to and using the site by the end of September and no less than 100 business owners. With Harbour Creative being New Zealand's top platform choice for New Zealand content creators.