Fancy yourself as a savvy content creator or authority in your particular industry or niche?

We are on the hunt for people that are keen to assist us with producing regular content for our site (at no cost to either party). We are looking to you, our awesome content creator community, to help provide insights to help more businesses and drive more traffic to the site and essentially your profiles. We figure more eyeballs = more enquiries and continual use, allowing us to keep many of the features of our platform free for you to enjoy. We are looking for a good diversity of content to ensure it attracts a wider range of people.

While written blog articles will be the main format used, we will happily showcase other media (video, social media embeds, imagery etc) on your dedicated article. We just ask you to keep in mind that it is about educating business owners, as opposed to just a hard sales pitch. The reader should leave with greater insight and understanding - this way everyone benefits.

At this stage this option remains free, however, this may change over time to a per article cost relative to the anticipated value received in return. Your original article will always stay on and remain free in return for helping us to get this platform going. We hope that sounds like a fair deal!

What's in it for you?

- Greatly enhance your chances of being hired by a business owner
- The more articles you put in, the more you get shown to our business owner audience (simple as that!)
- Showcase your authority and help to educate business owners on some of the benefits of considering your chosen topic.
- Attribution of course for your hard work and a link to your profile. If it resonates with them, then we want to ensure you get the benefits of that!
- You can then use it as a link to your own followers or contacts - as it is essentially your work and we recognise it as such!

What we will accept / what we wont accept

Will accept:

- Topics that are interesting to us
- Relevant to search intent for business owners
- Short and long form
- Challenges the status quo, hacks, ideas & ways to relieve business owners of some of their struggles
- Diverse, insightful and authorative opinions & topics

Wont accept:

- Anything that is objectionable
- Not your own work
- Tarnishes our reputation, the reputation of other creators or the reputation of business owners
- Anything that is too similar to something that has been posted before
- AI generated content (Google is making a big point about this which can have a drastic & detrimental impact on website traffic). You can certainly talk about AI as a topic, but we want your own personal opinions and views - not that which is written by our digital overlords!

How to submit:

Please drop us a complete draft with text, links and media of your chosen topic to [email protected]. If we like it we will definitely publish it to our insights section, alongside our social media. To ensure the integrity & professionalism of all work published to the site, we reserve the right to make some edits, or request edits to the content. However, we will always give you a final review of the draft to make sure you are happy before publishing!
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